Feast before the fast.

We thank the Lord that on the 5th of June twenty-four refugees and sixteen volunteers gathered at our home to feast and fellowship before their long thirty days of fasting. It was a beautiful night, including some pontoon boat rides and delicious food. We engaged in many sidebar conversations and saw God sweeten relationships for His glory.
One resultant blessing: A volunteer guest at the cookout heard about the Wednesday afternoon ladies’ ESL (English as a Second Language) tutoring and joined in the next week. One of the refugee students praised our teaching team as being “So kind!” We replied, “Thank you, but only God is truly kind.” We explained our motives for helping them. “We can’t do anything good to earn merit from God. We serve you because God in Christ has loved us so much. We want Jesus’ love to flow through us to you.”
Friday night Mark and I returned to this same apartment and had the privilege of breaking fast with one young refugee family. Pray for these families who are fasting and praying. May the Holy Spirit prepare their hearts for spiritual transformation and may Jesus the Messiah reveal Himself to them during these days and nights.

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