Sweet and Somber Christmas

Merry Christmas, one and all! 

Oh come let us adore Him … Christ the Lord!”

“Can you tell us what is Christmas?” 

Many of our refugee friends don’t know the true meaning. We are so grateful to have had numerous meals and visits with refugee friends to share the real meaning of Christmas. 

Mabry Jane – 12/22/16


In addition to the birth of the Savior, our family welcomed Mabry Jane Irvine December 22 to John and Kelly. There is something so special about delivering a baby at this season. Margaux, age two, until now struggled to distinguish ‘baby Jesus” from her new baby sister!  May children worldwide discover Jesus and draw near.

Somber News

Three Generations

On the first day of December Cindy went for her annual cancer screening at Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville TN. Soon afterward we learned that her cancer has returned. It has been ten years since the original diagnosis with Multiple Myeloma. At that time, January 2007, she was told that this type of cancer might only afford her 2 – 10 years of life. Her prayers for 25+ more years of quality life began immediately. Cindy was very sick for the first five years. We are so grateful that God has blessed her with almost 6 years of good health.

What does this diagnosis mean? 

Since Cindy has already undergone three stem cell transplants, using her own and her sister Sherrie’s stem cells, her body will not tolerate another transplant. A chemotherapy plan begins on December 28. We know you will keep us in your prayers. Our doctors are very hopeful that this treatment will push the cancer back into remission. We pray for a quick and thorough response to the drugs, along with quality of life.

The greater gift of Jesus is who we remember now. To share with our Muslim friends from a biblical perspective about the cancer diagnosis, especially in light of the true meaning of Christmas, has brought great joy. We have gone family to family telling the story of the fall of humankind, the resultant separation from God and its consequences — such as illness and pain in childbirth. Cindy has shared her confidence in Jesus, who came to rescue us from our sin and who promises restoration in Him, and ultimate healing, either in this life or the next. Reed, a refugee for whom you have prayed, called Cindy to say: “God must heal you. We all need you.” So kind of so many to express their concern!

Nevertheless, the last few days have been painful – full of waves of shock, tears, sweet and fun visits with our precious daughters and their families. For example, after seeing that Emily was making rolls far away in Turkey, Betsy and Kelly were inspired. They called Audrey to teach them the secrets of cinnamon roll making. Of course, everyone’s happy about that!

We enter 2017 uncertain of the challenges we may face. Thank you for praying Philippians 4:7-9 –“that the peace of God that passes all understanding will guard our minds and hearts in Christ Jesus.” 

We wholeheartedly believe that God is orchestrating all these things for our good and for His glory, as is true for all who call on Him.  Along with Joshua, we proclaim: “As for me and my house, we will serve and worship the Lord.”  

May we all enjoy every moment of this very Merry Christmas!  

Mark and Cindy 

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  1. Mark and Cindy,
    We just got word from Pete and Mary Kay about your event after your surgery. We praise God you are now doing better and are asking God to sustain you. Is there a way we are able to connect to you outside the newsletter? We are also praying for the myeloma to go into remission quickly!

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