Moms Day!

What  a joy and privilege to celebrate our mothers recently: Peg Stringer and Audrey Morris. They still love and care for us so well!  To see our own daughters doing the same so warms our hearts.
Mother’s Day can be such a tender time.
Some mothers are missing from dinner tables. Many single moms struggle. We plead that God grant the opportunity to experience motherhood to those wives hungry to know that joy personally. Many refugees who choose to try a better life in the West, leave their mothers, likely never to see them again.  Now with our oldest daughter so far away, we too remain grateful for technology like Skype!
May mother’s hearts worldwide stay soft, pliable and teachable (as Ezekiel describes above), extending much patience and kindness to those under our care.
Because of His undeserved love and mercy.
Mark and Cindy

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