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Celebrating 60!

Praise God for the warmth of His Spirit in this new year’s frigid winter! On Jan 9th Cindy turned 60 years old! She claims there’s not another person on the planet so happy to be sixty! We go to Nashville March 12th for her next cancer checkup. In early January we hosted a retreat at our house to pray and plan […]

Christmas 2017

Today we gathered for a party in a packed tutoring room full of excited refugee children and their mothers from Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Eritrea and Afghanistan. Cheese pizza, homemade cookies, chips and juice boxes quickly disappeared as we concluded this year’s homework help, prior to Christmas break. We briefly explained the reason for this season, […]

Accidental Fire

Last Monday, during tutoring at the apartment complex where our church meets and ministers, an entire apartment block was destroyed by an electrical fire. Sadly, a dozen American families lost everything. One refugee family from Syria and another from the Sudan lost everything AGAIN!  The Sudanese mom had given birth only four days prior to […]

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